Pussy Portraits

It is a blog where I would like to post pictures in the manner of "Pussy Portraits" book - picture of the pussy and the girl next to each other.

I welcome all girls who would like to share with us their beautiful roses to email me pictures (gvendett@gmail.com) or upload anonymously at: www.dbinbox.com/gvendett . Of course amateur pictures could be annonymous (without visible faces). By uploading or sending me photos you confirm that you're 18 years old or older. Remember girls and women every pussy is different and that is why they are so beautiful!

Unfortunately last post from the series of this sexy hot amateur.

Thank you for such large collection of photos Sylvia. David

You have great body and beautiful pussy.
This hot amateur girl send me a lot of her photos so I had to divide them into several posts. Keep watching as photos are great.


Hottest set from sexy young Asian from previous post. I asked for more photos after previous set and you can see what I received.
You have beautiful and sweet flower. Hope to receive more photos like those.